Hello, my name is Andrew Pledger and. . .

at “Many Paths | Religion Recovery Coaching” the path that leads to healing is the right one. Each client has a different situation and needs that must be accommodated for. I will work with you to discover what you need to heal and find direction. Whatever that path looks like is up to you! I offer guidance on deconstruction, reconstruction, deconversion, spiritual exploration, and reconversion. There’s no one path or way, only what’s best for you. I’m your coach and I will help you to heal, reach goals, and find the right direction.

Struggling with indoctrination?

Experiencing church shame because of your queer identity?

Conflicted about leaving a toxic religion?

Attempting to find a new purpose?

Poor self-esteem and negative self-talk after toxic religion?

Struggle with making decisions?

Desire a healthy spirituality? Or are you done with spirituality and religion?

Are your relationships suffering?

Do you want to deconstruct your faith? Or reconstruct your faith?

Or find a new faith? Or deconvert from your religion?

Have you been harmed by purity culture?

Have you experienced spiritual harm?

I can help you work through these issues and succeed in life. As a queer person, I was raised in a cult and experienced psychological and spiritual abuse. I internalized toxic teachings, but I was able to escape and find a healthy environment. Learn more about me here. I am working on becoming a therapist, but in the meantime, I am a life coach. I am NOT a therapist and cannot treat trauma. I guide, support, and provide solutions to your life.

What does religion recovery look like?

Marlene Winell's Phases of Religious Recovery

Phase 1. Separation

You find yourself not belonging and not agreeing with the religion's approach and doctrines. You feel an emotional disconnection from your religious community and you slowly stop participating or leave suddenly.

Phase 2. Confusion

Religion was foundational to your identity and your purpose. It provided community, security, and structure to your life. Now that it is gone you feel uncertain and confused about your purpose, beliefs, and direction in life.

Phase 3. Avoidance

You avoid everyone from your religious environment. Churches can cause you emotional distress. You struggle with getting involved with other groups and socializing. You isolate to protect yourself as you cope and create a new space.

Phase 4. Feeling

Intense emotions erupt as you realize the damage of religion and the unnecessary harm. You grieve the life experiences you missed out on. This stage is crucial to finding a healthy avenue to express your emotions.

Phase 5. Rebuilding

In this stage, people find their inherent worth, beliefs change, and you have autonomy. You are finally learning to trust yourself and do what is best for you. In this stage, you are finding a new community, beliefs and purpose.

What does spiritual growth look like?

Fowler's Stages of Spiritual Growth

6 Paths

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