Speaking Up w/ Andrew Pledger

Andrew Pledger, a religion recovery coach, hosts Speaking Up w/ Andrew Pledger, a podcast that allows people to share their stories of abuse and religious trauma in various religions and cults. Some guests discuss specific topics to educate and bring awareness. Discussions range from purity culture, mental health, religious trauma, Christian culture, deconstruction, spirituality, and much more. Deconstruction icons like the Naked Pastor, Brandan Robertson, Phil Drysdale, The New Evangelicals, and Jegaysus have appeared on the show.

*TRIGGER WARNING (Sensitive Content)

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This 4 part podcast series delves deeply into the true story of cult leader Bernard Chaney. Survivors share their stories of the horrific spiritual, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse they experienced and witnessed from Chaney.


Empowering Conversations

"Andrew Pledger is a wonderful host. His patience and kindness open up the space for survivors of religious abuse to vulnerably share their stories. It's empowering to listen to these conversations." - Apple Podcasts